Pashli Bag Winner


 Bravo Kaslin (you will be emailed shortly)! I wish I had a bag for everyone, but I don’t, so please stay tuned for future giveaways.  I don’t mean to brag, but The Fashion Fuse tends to have really good giveaways :).  It’s my way of showing appreciations to the readers.
Thank you to everyone for making my first year writing The Fashion Fuse such a special one.  I have learned some great lessons and have been blessed with so many opportunities. I am so grateful to say that I am doing something that makes me happy and empowers women.  I believe that as women if we look our best, we feel are best and then become our best.
In true Birthday Party style, I included one of my most glamorous looks from a shoot I did a little while back.  Here’s to a year of fabulous and affordable fashion! xo
Location: Alice Lane Home
 Makeup: Jade Baird of kissable complexions
Photography: Jordin Willey 




Going Green

IMG_8283 IMG_8333 IMG_8353 IMG_8360

Zara Leather Effect Long Skirt
Zara Oversize Crew Neck Sweater
Calvin Klein Vivian Sandals (17 different colors)
Zara Dark Khaki Tee
Similar Chocolate Brown Chanel Bag
Simliar Chanel CC Necklace 
Mac Lipstick in Russian Red
 I shot this look in  with such an adorable, eager, fresh and bubbly photographer named Jaci Marie Smith.  She may be young, but she certainly doesn’t lack experience.  I was so impressed with how many opportunities are already coming her way.  Her talent and infectious energy are going to take her far.
 While we were shooting outside of my NYC hotel, Ben Stiller walked pass us.  He was gracious enough to take a photo with Jaci’s adorable star stuck friend who had just landed in the big city. I  found myself reflecting on being nineteen and how confidant and free you are.  The world is so exciting and anything feels possible! You don’t even recognize you felt that way, until you get older.  Which got me to thinking…..what is it now (late 20s early 30s) that I have going on, but won’t fully appreciate until later? I’d like to know so I can spend less time worrying and more time appreciating myself and what youth remains.  My guess is a body free of aches and pains….lol.  That seems so depressing to think about.  Time is an interesting concept….your body ages, but your soul grows so much bigger and brighter.  I know I am still young, but I actually look forward to the aging process, because I seem to like myself more and more every year…a worthy tradeoff.
There are my deep thoughts for the week.  Thank you for giving me a voice.  xo

People Style Watch Under $150


Calvin Klein Cable knit Turtleneck Sweater 
Express Bucket Backpack
Guess Parley Pointy Toe Bootie 
AEO Plaid Moto Jacket
Nine West Arivaderci Peep Toe Booties
French Connection Camila Crossbody Bag
GX by Gwen Stefani Statement Bag
As some of you know, this is part two of my two part People Style Watch Best of Fall Picks series.  The week before last, I shared part one of my favorite picks from all of the fantastic pieces the magazine shared with us.  Now, I am really excited to share with you my favorite picks under $150 (part two)! I have to admit, it was hard for me to share my last picks knowing these under $150 picks were waiting on the back burner, because price aside, I actually prefer the items on this list. 
Sit back and enjoy wallet friendly shopping without having to hash through the magazine yourself.  Please enjoy my People Style Watch under $150 picks.  Love and blessings to you all this week.  As always, thank you for stopping by.  

Camel Hues Collaboration

63 58

unnamed 2

unnamedForever21 Classic Pleated Mini Skirt 
Erin Dana Black Evan Belt Bag 
Kelsey’s Feathers Earrings 
Forever21 Classic Turtleneck Sweater
It’s Wednesday and The Fashion Fuse Birthday party train is still rolling! Ok, now that I got my dorkiness out of the way, let me share this collaborative post with you.  I noticed Brittany of The Pearl Oyster a couple of months ago and right away I thought she had a great vibe.  She is really great at pairing monocromatic colors and making them look polished.  From one girl who likes to save to another… will love how wallet friendly her picks are.  
Considering the season, we decided to focus on camel hues. Has anyone else noticed Kim Kardashian rocking a lot of camel tones lately?? Girlfriend has never looked better! Nudes are ageless and classic….you really can’t go wrong.  I like to keep the pieces simple and let the mixing of the hues do the talking.  
To all the moms out there, I am really excited about this new line of chic leather hip bags (my fancy pants way of saying fanny packs). Good news is, fanny packs are back (Chanel is doing them)! These Erin Dana bags are high quality, beautiful and allow you to chase your babies hands free. As a mother of two of the rowdiest boys on the planet, I appreciate their functionality and beautiful aesthetic  structure.  
The Fashion Fuse Photos by Jordyn Willey 


1st Birthday Giveaway Pashli Bag



 I cannot tell you guys how grateful I am for your support during my first year of  I have loved hearing from and getting to know you over the past year.  I read each and every one of your emails and comments and try to respond to as many as I can.  I look forward to sharing my love of fashion and the fashionable lifestyle with you for many more years to come.  

Now for the fun stuff….
I am really excited about my 1st birthday giveaway….a gray Phillip Lim mini Pashili bag! Retailing from $685 up to $2000 this bag has been one of the year’s most coveted items.  Now you have a chance to take it home!  As you can see, you can enter up to nine times. That makes your chances nine times greater! If that feels overwhelming to you, just enter once or twice.  It’s up to you really.
I wish I had one for everyone, but I don’t so goooood luck and God speed.  xo 

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