Steven Tyler Under $150

_MG_5834_MG_5816_MG_5849_MG_5817  _MG_5814_MG_5859_MG_5779 _MG_5805Lucy Love Penny Lane Flare pants
Victoria’s Secret Scoopneck Tank in Gray 
Mossimo Light Wash Denim Vest 
Prada Baroque Oversized Round Sunglasses in Black 
Krysia Renau Jewelry 
About a month and a half ago I was lucky enough to check off an item on my bucket list and go see Aerosmith and Slash in Las Vegas.  To be honest, I really went to see Slash. It may sound crazy, but I have a MAJOR thing for him.  There are just some crushes you can’t explain!  Anyway, when he didn’t even show up to his own private after party (at the venue), I became semi disenchanted and went back into the area to check out Aerosmith….two songs in and my objective completely changed.  Now I was fully engaged in Steven Tyler and the fellas.  Concerts are funny in the sense that we all seem to have this desire to be seen or heard by the performer.  For some reason we think they can see us regardless of the seat.  The ladies in my row got more than eye contact. Steven may have looked at all of us and grabbed his N*TS real hard a time or two…Lol! It made for a good story and somehow made me forget all about Slash standing up his most loyal fans (tears). 
The reason I shared this experience is because during the concert I realized that Steven looks better in flared stretchy pants at 66 than any woman I know! Regardless of that fact that I will never look as good as he does in them, he inspired me to get a pair straight away!!  I love getting schooled by an old rock god! It makes fashion all the more fun.
That story takes us now to this photoshoot in Santa Barbara with Willie Kessel.  I was actually surprised how flattering flared stretchy pants could be…especially with a top the covers the tush.  I love these Lucy Love Penny Lane flare pants and I love the price even more. Whether you’re looking for lounge or yoga pants or to pair them with an outfit, these are a great and comfortable pair. They such a fun rock n’ roll vibe. This outfit (pants, tee and vest) combined is under $150! 

Designers I love – Stella McCartney

_MG_7577 _MG_7600 _MG_7555 _MG_7591_MG_7580 _MG_7595
Lips by Nars in Schiap
Lux by Rachel Zoe Centric Bead Drop Earrings
Variety of Stella McCartney Pieces Below
Tom Ford Black Pumps
A designer who creates her pieces around her moral compass is someone worth investing in.  Although her morals don’t fall right in line with mine (I wear leather and am 99% fur free and she uses neither). This doesn’t mean I don’t respect designers who incorporate fur and leather in their collections, it’s just interesting to see someone not “sell out” in terms of what they believe.  Besides that, she is a Mama of four and designs a fantastic children’s line.  She isn’t too cool for school and I love her for it!
Stella’s Colloections are often laced with feminine menswear, beautiful soft lines, fringe, wool, silk and occasional quirky details.  Because her pieces aren’t leather, I tend to stay away from her shoes (I normally don’t bend for faux leather).  Having said that, I love her Falabella hand bags.  Whatever fabric she is using on them, they hold up really well and look beautiful.  I especially look forward to January and June (the two Js) because her collection pieces go on sale.  The pieces are discounted anywhere from 30-60%.  For a high end designer her prices are somewhat reasonable (comparatively speaking) and then when you add the discount, magic happens! I just love a bargain!
I shot this these Timotea trousers and top with Leonard Katsel during NYFW.  I believe I ran from one runway show to shoot a few pieces and then ran right back to another show right after.  I look very calm here, but that day was a whirlwind….I am still tired from that week! I will be sharing a lot more looks from NYFW over the next couple of weeks. 
Thanks for visiting and have a lovely week.  XO

The Sweet Tea Maxi

_MG_5912_MG_5982 _MG_5951 _MG_5893 _MG_5871_MG_5946 _MG_5919For Love and Lemons Sweet Tea Maxi Dress (now 40% off)
Rayban Green Mirrored Aviators
Prima Donna Joie Black Metal Strap Sandals 
Lulu Frost Drift Crystal Feather Earrings (similar style)
I can’t believe summer is coming to an end.  Depending on where you live, it may have officially ended.  I am really excited about this For Love and Lemons Sweet Tea maxi dress because it’s a great seasonal transition piece.  It’s light and somewhat breezy, but the color and black lace makes it work in the summer, fall and winter (as long as it’s somewhat warm).  If you’re planning a resort getaway this fall/winter it would be a great piece to take with you if you’re tired of all of the summer brights and patterns.  
These pictures were taken by Willie Kessel.  If you’re ever in the LA/Santa Barbara area and want beautiful, thoughtful and unique photos, I recommend him.  Besides, he is really down to earth and kind.  Shooting with that kind of energy is always a good thing.  
Willie and I had planned to shoot this dress by the pool.  As we went out to shoot, we realized all the kids had jumped in (my boys and their cousins).  Instead of trying to fight it, we decided to surrender to the moment and shoot with them in the pool.  As chaotic as parenthood can be at times, I couldn’t be more grateful for my babies and the lessons they teach me everyday (like letting go when you want the “perfect” pool shot). They bring so much richness to my life.    
I am crushing on almost anything For Love and Lemons 
Have a beautiful day. XO 

How To Style Moto Jackets (Video)

Hey guys! Happy Fashion Week! Life is crazy here in NYC right now. I just feel so much gratitude to be a part of it all. Thank you for all of your support as well. The Fashion Fuse is a month shy of being a year old and it has been more than I could have hoped for.
Ok, enough with the rainbows and butterflies. I have a new video I am really excited to share with you. I think it’s really important to work with staple pieces in your closest and modernize them with accessories. That way you can stay right on trend, but not have to go out and buy a new wardrobe. Which is why I chose to focus on how to style moto jackets. I LOVE motorcycle jackets for all styles, ages and budgets. They are timeless, but still feel hip and chic. I have seen very elegant ones with clean lines and neutral colors all the way to studded or bright yellow leather. There is one for everyone! Dust off that Moto jacket in your closet (or buy one) and give one of these looks a try, because no matter what, you’re beautiful. xo
The Jackets 
The Pieces 

Relaxed Denim in Santa Barbara

_MG_5717_MG_5762 _MG_5748_MG_5721_MG_5708_MG_5701_MG_5751 _MG_5742Topshop Lurex Sport Rib Tee
Topshop Moto Bleach Denim Boyshorts
Selection of Pre owned Isabel Marant Edris Sandals (sold out everywhere)
Cartier Juste un Clou (nail head) Braclet
Jewelmint Rings
Tom Ford Whitney Shades
During the month of August, I was able to travel to Santa Barbara for work and play with my family and loved ones.  Usually when I travel to southern CA I am spending my time there in LALA land – a second home for me.  This time, I decided to branch out and go for something a little more relaxed and family friendly and Santa Barbara was the perfect spot! I had no idea how special this city was.  
 I remember watching The Oprah show (never missed an episode), and she did a feature on the happiest cities in the USA. Guess what charming dream town was on that list??  Santa Barbara of  course! I am always interested in learning what it is that makes someone or some city so happy. That way I can try to apply the same principles in my own life and bless those around me with the same positive energy. After all, were are all teachers learning from each other aren’t we? I had to check this happy place out for myself.  
Santa Barbara has such beautiful blue skies (after the morning fog burns off), an incredible mountainous backdrop filled with magestic oak trees that must have so many stories to tell and the most charming 18th century spanish influenced religious architecture. Almost every building has a terra cotta colored roof and pristine white walls.  It gives this town it’s own intimate flavor. The weather was perfection too! Never too hot and never too cold.  The locals were active, alive and  happy!  I think I found my biannual family vacation spot.  My only complaint would be the drive from LAX to Santa Barbara, but it’s so much better than driving from SLC, Utah.  I can’t even talk about Montecito without going off like a babbling fool….LOVE LOVE LOVE! The cherry on top is that Oprah lives there (insert crazy fan face and number one foam finger emoticons).  I’ll share my experience in Montecito in another post.  
I love how this this sporty green Topshop top shimmers in the sun.  I always say I’m like a fish and go for anything that sparkles.  I paired this look with these really fun Topshop ripped high waisted shorts for a relaxed denim in Santa Barbara vibe.  You could also polish this top up with some dressy skinny jeans and black booties.  It’s a really fun, comfortable and memorable go to top. 
Such an honor to shoot with the talented and genuine Willie Kessel (his resume speaks for itself).