Prints in Mexico

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Circle Top HERE
Wayf Printed Pants HERE
Stella McCartney Falabella Bag HERE
Similar Studded Sandals HERE
Tom Ford Shades HERE
Cartier Love Bracelet HERE
I just got back from spring breakin’ in Cabo! Minus the sunburn and Mexican Stomach ache, I’m dying to get back!  We relaxed, relaxed, ate, worked a little, relaxed and visited an orphanage…but mostly relaxed.  Cabo is a great destination for my boys and me because it’s only a 2 1/2 hour flight from SLC and it’s so much warmer.  Food (breakfast for me) often drives us to certain hotels.  At the Capella Pedregal, I enjoyed organic fresh fruit and gluten free coconut raspberry french toast every morning.  The Capella’s breakfast buffet is by far one of my favorites and I have vistited my fair share of breakfast buffets.  I highly recommend this resort to anyone who is planing to visit Cabo.  There are family and adult only areas which makes the experience nice for everyone.  It is pricey, but if you’re willing to splurge it’s well worth it.  
While I was in Mexico I had the opportunity to shoot with the very talented Fernando Castillo. He is brilliant at working with natural light.  The launguage barrier was a little spotting, but from what I understand, he does not photoshop anything.  It’s Just him being talented working with the natural light and surroundings that god gave Mexico.  
I like this look, because the top and pants are so fun and lively with a hint of boho. They are perfect from spring/summer and are really affordable too.  I always claim to be a fall fashion girl, but it’s hard to compete with the bright colors and laid back vibe of summer.  What is your favorite season to dress for? 
All the best to you and yours! xo



The Prom Project

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Hey there! I am really excited about this new project that Margot O’leary and I started (she has a fashion, travel and philanthropy blog in the works). Our new venture is called The Prom Project. What we do is play dress up to give deserving girls a chance to be a princess for a night at their prom.  Simple as that! 
It was really important to me that when I started this blog, that I found ways to give back the talents and resources God has given me.  When I met Margot, working together made perfect sense because she also loves fashion, but has a passion for sharing gifts and lending a hand.  We are all in need of others gifts from time to time…I am certainly no stranger to that.  As much as I adore it (and will never quit it) just Fashion can get superficial FAST.  This felt the perfect opportunity to do what we love AND give back.  
We have a big vision for The Prom Project and would love any referrals.  If you know anyone who can’t afford the prom experience they deserve, please email me anytime in the next 10 months (we have until next April, so no rush).  
Because Kiki is a minor, I won’t go into detail about her story, but let me just say this girl deserved the pampering in a big way.  She was so sweet and lively.  I asked her what she wanted to be and she said “something in the entertainment industry.” Her sister then jumped in and said “She wants to be famous!”  She manifested that in the pictures above.  My favorite shots are of her twirling because you can feel her infectiuous personality.  
We could not have done this without Jade Baird (makeup), Lindsay Cantano (hair), Simon Blundell and Ypsilon Dresses.  Which reminds me….if you are a dress, jewelry, shoe or any other type of prom vendor that would like to get involved, we want to hear from you!  
Thanks for stopping by! Much love to you all

Red Velvet

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Windsor Red Velvet Dress HERE
Rockstud Valentino Heels HERE
Black and White Melange Jacket HERE
Similar Chanel Bag HERE
Bowler Hat HERE
We shot this look at Alice Lane in Salt lake city.  It’s one of the most stunning furniture/decor boutiques around, so naturally I was over the moon about shooting there! Jessica and Adam (the owners) are the loveliest people with the most impeccable taste.  I highly recommend Alice Lane for any furniture, decor or interior design needs you may have.  That may sound like a typical careless plug, but if I don’t believe in something I don’t push it….and they ARE the best.  
Velvet has always been one of my favorite fabrics, because it always looks luxurious.  By that I mean, you can buy an inexpensive velvet piece and it almost always looks like you paid more for it than you did (unless you did in fact pay more than you should have).  I paired this dress with a grew multi use Cocoon jacket, a vintage necklace, Valentino rock stud pumps and a quilted Chanel.  Next to black and gold, black and red are two of my favorite colors together.  They always seem to make an outfit look polished, classic and expensive….for a very Coco Chanel vibe.  
I wish you a beautiful week filled with love (here’s to hoping)! 
Makeup by Jade at Kissable Completions 
 Photography by Jordyn Willey 


My top 8 hair products (one from the grocery store)


Hey guys! I have been focused on my babies this past week, so I have been able to post as much as I normally do.  Now that I am back in full swing, I am so excited to share some beautiful collaborations, looks and this hair product guide!

 I probably get the most questions about my hair (skincare is a close second and I will touch on that in the future).  I am in the process of filming a hair styling tutorial, but until then, I want to share with you my favorite hair products.  Three of these items were introduced to me by one of my best friends. I call her my mum because she takes such good care of me! She always stocks me up with Oribe travel sized products and has beauty goods waiting for me when I go to visit her in NYC.  So I have to give her the credit for selling me on a couple of these items.  The two hair dressers I use (Brittany and Lindsey) are incredible and introduced me to the world of Kevyn Murphy for volumizing.  His stuff is fantastic.  
Anyway, there should be something for everyone! 
1. Sedu heat protector – a lot of heat protectors leave your hair feeling caked or weighed down.  This product leaves your hair feeling soft and smooth and protects your strands from damaging heat.  Read the reviews HERE
2. Kevyn Murphy Powder Puff - This a a great volumizer for dry hair.  Honestly, I think it’s semi magical.  A self proclaimed “poof in a jar.”  
3. Volume Comb – Great for volume all the way through the ends.  You can tease anywhere you want volume…even the ends! Works great for a little extra fullness or all the way to bombshell hair.
4. Phyto Supplements – An absolute must for me.  I have had these wispy little baby hairs around my forehead my entire life.  When I started using these supplements my baby hair actually started to grow out….that has never happened!  They also helps with dryness and shine.  I immediately notice when I haven’t been taking them regularly.  They also help with dry skin in a big way.  
5. Kevyn Murphy Texture Master – My good friend and hair dresser Lindsay introduced me to this crazy product.  *Warning, only use a teeny tiny bit or your hair will feel like bubble gum fell out of your mouth in the night and landed in your hair!  This stuff comes out for very specific styles or if I want massive bombshell volume.  
6. Oribe Beach Waves - One of my absolute favorites!  All of the Oribe products are genius and smell absolutely dreamy.  I spray the beach waves in my styled hair and just give it s scrunch or two for that perfect undone, but beautiful texture. Oribe also offers travel sizes, so you don’t have to commit to the entire bottle. 
7. Sauve Dry Shampoo – My favorite grocery store find! This dry shampoo is very inexpensive, smells dreamy and works well too. I’ll leave it at that!
8. Oribe light reflecting spray - Again, this product is from my favorite hair care line.  Once I am finished styling, I spray this product on very last and it illuminates my hair in the most beautiful way.  I really notice it the most in photos or outside.  It just takes your look to the next level…so shiny and so stunning. 
There you have it! Feel free to ask any questions you may have.  Happy Styling!  

Jump Suit Yourself (under $150 too)

NCC_6287   NCC_6277 NCC_6228 NCC_6219NCC_6285NCC_6321

 Similar DVF Black and White Jumpsuit HEREHERE and HERE
Similar Christian Louboutin Heels HERE, HERE and HERE
Under $150 Jumpsuits HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE
What is it about a jumpsuit? For whatever reason, I am always drawn to them.  Since Halston and Gucci are two of my favorite designers, could it be my inner studio 54 goddess shining through?? My body must curse my spirit everyday for not being born in 1976.  I’m just sure Bianca Jagger and I would have been soul sisters (I would say besties, but i’m not sure it was the lingo then)!  
The jumpsuit above is from the DVF Spring/Summer 2013 collection.  Since it has been sold out for a while, I included some very similar DVF jumpsuits…PLUS…other similar jumpsuits under $150!  Jumpsuits today are great because they can be glamorous and chic or classicaly modern.  Depending on the suit, you can wear them with heels and sneakers and everything in between.  
I paired my suit with some Christian Louboutin heels and simple light jacket.  As long as the print isn’t too busy, I also like to pair jumpsuits with a long skinny tassel necklace like the one HERE (on sale for 14.95).  
Go ahead and jump suit yourself and let your inner Cher Bono shine!
Jumpsuits under $150