Five Tips to Taking Better IPhone photos

Those of you who are in the business of self promotion (blogging, modeling, hosting and etc) or who just want to take better social media photos, I hope you find this post helpful. To be honest, I still get shy sometimes posting photos of myself. I have worked as an actress and model (to help fund the lack of acting at times) for over 12 years. When I am hired to do a project for someone else, I have no problem being in front of the camera (trust me, I have done some embarrassing stuff). When the project is my own creative idea or material I become a lot more venerable and therefore scared. Because of my fear or shyness sometimes, I put quite a bit of pressure on myself to create something “perfect.” The more I get used to blogging and being the editor of my own site, the more I realize that the work absolutely had to be quality, but just as importantly, I have to RELAX and have fun with it.
Here are some tips I use to make the process go a lot smoother…
1. Have a great filter program
I don’t like to doctor a picture too much, but it’s important that the photo looks finished. My favorite filter app is Afterlight and my favorite filters are….
Glacier,to give the photo a slight grainy/exposed vibe
Whim, when the photo could use a touch of warmth
Relic, if the photos needs to be cooled down a bit (more often than not)
Breeze, I don’t know why but I just like it
I don’t use any of these filters at full capacity. If anything I am conservative on the amount of filter I use. After I filter with one or two of these filters (overusing the word filter now), I then mess around a little bit with exposure, sharpening, saturation and brightness, depending on what the picture needs. It’s important to for me to stay consistent with the types of filters I use so that my landing page has continuity.
2. I always shoot from the square setting on my IPhone.
It may sound simple, but it’s very important. Because I am a fashion blogger, it’s crucial that I shoot my outfit from head to toe. If I have it on the square setting, I can rest assured that all of my outfit details get in photo, which means I don’t have to crop anything.
3.  Always assume you audience is smarter than you.
What does this have to do with picture taking you might ask?? Well, when a photo feels forced or insincere, 90% of your readers can feel it. Trust your gut on this stuff. If it feels fake, it probably is and your audience won’t respond well to that. I am still figuring this out everyday. It takes practice to trust your own judgement. It gets tricky with fashion because sometimes you have to take a photo simply to promote an piece or an accessory and that can feel forced. My own rule of thumb is “would I use or wear this item in real life?” If the answer is “yes”, the sharing it via on Social media will be sincere too.
4.  Avoid sunny or harsh lighting on your face or body that cause shadows or squinting.
Lighting is the difference between looking like a 10 or a 2. Sounds superficial, but it’s the cold hard truth. If you can wait, try to take your pictures around 6pm or later. If you need to, shoot them later and use them the next day.  My favorite/ most popular pictures were taken in the evening. 
5. Try new angles, POVs and/or capturing REAL moments.
 I am very into symmetry, so I am still working on this one.  However, sometimes when I flip my photo (in the afterlight app) I am really pleased with the results.  There have also been many times I try shooting something and can’t get the results I want.  When I turn the camera or try a different angle, magic can happen.  Just play around and take liberties…if you don’t like them, don’t post them.  
Examples of blogs that use interesting POVS, angles or movement in front of the camera are… Mary of  Happily Grey does a beautiful job with natural camera movement and capturing real moments…Sarah Sherman Samuel is really good at POVs, angles and perspective and Jennifer Grace of The Native Fox is usually really creative with her angles (especially on IG)
Look, my blog is still new (9 months) and I am still learning a lot, so in no way do I claim to be a expert.  However, I am sharing my iPhone picture taking process, because I get a lot of readers that write me inquiring about starting a blog asking what my advice to them would be.  I always remind them that content is key and pictures have almost everything to do with how the content is displayed.  Obviously its a learning curve, so you will make mistakes (I sure do), but do your very best not to cut corners.  
If this post helps even one person, then I am pleased! Thank you for stopping by xo



More Karma Less Drama







Le Motto by She She Bon Bon “More Karma Less Drama” Tee
Prima Donna Joie Metal Strap Sandals
Arvo White Time Sawyer Leather Watch 
Stella McCartney Falabella Bags
Ily Couture Open Pave Circle Bracelet 
Ily couture Stacked Pave Ring set
Kut From The Kloth Catherine Slim Boyfriend Jeans (similar style)
Hello everyone! Today I am sharing a Tee line that has something positive to say, because words DO have power.  With all of the colorful “F you” tees out there, it feels more responsible when they have an uplifting message, right? Which is why I was excited to work with Le Motto by She She Bon Bon tees.  They have all sorts or colors and sizes with many messages. They’re really soft too (that is major to me when buying tees). 
I paired my tee with some casual boyfriend jeans (always my go to), this fantastic snake print Stella McCartney Falabella  fold over bag (sold out, but plenty of other Falabella options below),  some Prima Donna black and gold sandals, a simply chic Avro watch and topped it off with a couple of sparkly Ily Couture pieces (because every looks needs a little bling).
I could sing Falabella praises all day long! I am a major stickler on bags being leather, but stella does a fantastic job being vegan in her designs while maintaining high quality faux materials.  The chains on the Falabella designs are so beautiful and for a high end designer bag, they tend to be a little more reasonably priced.
Thanks for stopping by! xo
Photos by Jordyn Willey

Stella McCartney Falabella Bags

Brigitte Bardot Inspired Hair (down and up)

I have really enjoyed filming the videos for The Fashion Fuse channel on  I have worked as an actress for 12 years or so, so it has been fun for me to create projects to film and I cannot thank you enough for the support I have received.  Besides, actors are always looking for work, right?  Not a field for the weary (gulp).  This video was extra fun because I got to play dress up (or updo) with Emma  from  She has lived all over the place, doing hair and learning from the best, so naturally, I was really excited to work with her!
In this video, Emma creates what she calls a “Modern day Brigitte Bardot inspired hair” look with tons of fullness and volume and then turns it into a loose and messy updo for two completely different looks.  We wanted to give those of you who style your hair, but only wash it every few days, an option besides a pony tail for those last couple of days when your hair can no longer be worn down….or what I like to call, the homeless phase.  I tend to usually throw it in a ponytail, so I was really excited to learn another option.  
ps. please forgive the autocorrecting noise throughout the video…normally I would reshoot, but we had Emma for one day and I didn’t want it to be in vain! Her skills are too good not to share.
I am in love with my Plum Pretty Sugar robe I am wearing in the video.  It’s so light and beautiful….a robe you actually feel pretty in.  Plum Pretty Sugar has so many beautiful robe and pajama sets (see below).  They sell them in packs for bridal parties as well.  I am committed to robe life people! 
Let me know if you have any questions for Emma or me.  Thanks  


The universally flattering shift dress

92 6 84 5

 BCBG Elizabeth Shift Dress (on sale)
Red Chanel Bag (similar style)
Prima Donna Elizabeth Gold Plate Earrings 
Jessica Simpson Lazer Cut Sandals (similar style)
House of Harlow Gold Hand piece (similar style)
Welcome to Monday (new week new opportunities) everyone! I wanted to say hello and let you know about BCBG’s great end of season (spring/summer) sale! Accessories are an additional 30% off and factory pieces are an extra 40% off!
My favorite BCBG pieces are absolutely their dresses. Some of my most asked about dresses are made by the fabulous Max Azria (the man behind the line).  He does a beautiful job flattering a women’s body by using unique lines and cuts.  The man is a major legend and had been designing for a looooong time, so he knows his stuff.  I really love this Elizabeth shift dress (pictured) because it’s so comfortable, breathable and can be dressed up or down.  Even better that it is on sale (under $150)!
I wish you the loveliest of weeks and thank you for stopping by!
Shot by Jordyn Willey she does beautiful weddings as well as fashion 



Troop Beverly Hills Style


1- Burberry Britt Larissa Dress
2- Green Beret
3- Kenneth Jay Lane Frog Brooch
4- Giorgio Beverly Hill Giorgio Perfume
5- Girl Scout Cookies
6- Ross Simons Canary cz Ring
7- Troop Beverly Hills DVD
8- Red Cigarette Holder
9- Williams Sonoma Fondue Pot
10- Chicnova Army Style Dress
What a thrill, It’s cookie time!! Hey babes, are any of you children of the 80′s like me? Were you inspired by fabulous movie style Icons like Sadie in Big Business, Johanna in Overboard or Phylis Nefler in Troop Beverly Hills?! If so, then this post is for you…
I felt like making today’s post a true fun Friday (party!) by paying tribute to one the best films for all fashion loving 80s girls in Gunne Sax dresses! If you’re not familiar with this film you must be young and super hot, so don’t worry about it! Although I would still recommend updating yourself on all of its fabulousness by watching it. Hopefully this post helps you get in balance with your own inner Phyllis (minus the perm and credit card cutting) cause we all have a little Troop Beverly Hills Style deep down inside.  
“I may not be an expert at some things, but i’ve got a black belt in shopping”     “We don’t need no stinkin’ patches!”   
                                                – Phyllis Neffler                                                           -Rosa
troop-beverly-hills tb1 Troop Beverly Hills_Phyllis Nefler troopbeverlyh-hst3tb4