On Trend With Candy Colored Hair

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Over the last several months I catch myself day dreaming about colored hair (usually silverly purple).  There have been many times I have text my stylist (and BFF since first grade) Lindsay hoping she will cater to my semi unreasonable request and every time without fail she sends me back a big fat “NO!!!” LOL! Her honesty is one of her best qualities…..but so is her free spirit! So why is she ignoring my free spirited request?!! If push came to shove, I am not sure if I would really follow through, but a girl sure can dream.
So why are so many women experimenting with candy colored hair lately? Could it be because in a sea of fashionable social media posts, it’s one way to stand out above the rest? Or like me, they’re just desperate for something new? Perhaps the ombre trend is running its course? What ever it may be, it’s been fun to observe and fantasize about.
Last Spring I was lucky enough to attend Mercedes Benz Fall Fashion Week 2014.  I saw a lot of dip died color jobs on the runway. By dip dye I mean the ends or bottom half of the hair of had been dipped in a different color of  dye than their base color.  Perhaps that means dip dye will be the new trend once candy colors run their course. Whatever the new trend may be, I will most likely be day dreaming of it hoping Lindsay will give me the green light!
Have any of you or your friends tried the candy colored hair trend? If so, I’d love to hear about it.  Also, if you were to try it, what color would you do? Like I said above, I would go for a silvery purple.
Here’s to a colorful day (pun intended)!

Seasonal Transition Dresses under $150

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 Orange and Navy Stripe Dress (simliar style) More summer/fall tranistion dresses below
Target Denim Vest
Ily Couture Stacked Pave Silver Ring Set
Jackie Kennedy Paperclip Necklace (Vintage Chanel inspired) 
Pave Arrow Bracelet (similar style)
Joie Jaclyn Metallic Sandal (simliar style)
Green Cateye Sunglasses
Fall to summer is an odd transition as far as clothing goes (unless you’re the luckiest of luckies and live on a tropical island). Having said that, I decided to touch on seasonal transition dresses under $150 (even better).  It’s a gobally confusing period with the sun beating down in the day and the chill at night. My thermostat must think i’ve gone crazy with the amounts of times I switch it back and forth from heat to AC!  If you’re like me, you tend to reach for beautiful fall colored sweaters  prematurely and end up sweating bullets and saying naughty words by mid afternoon.   Lucky for us, we can keep the integrity of the seasonal change and  pull off fall colors and fabrics in summer attire….like this Blush Boutique light weight dress with a fall palate of burnt orange, navy blue and cream. 
Casual dresses are so easy to throw a light jacket or sweater over.  As you can tell above, I paired my transitional dress with this light denim vest from Target (I wear it all the time).  A dress like this would also be great with a scarf that doubles as a shawl for a cooler evening.  Regardless of how you wear it, a light and breezy dress with fall colors will leave you feeling ready for the transition and excited to cuddle (again instead of sweating bullets)!
Photo by Jordyn Willey (she does great weddings too)
Summer/Fall Transition dresses 
The accessories 

Softly Structured Envelope Dress

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Cameo Skylar Dress
Prima Donna Gatsby Box Clutch 
Jimmy Choo Holographic Pump
Prima Donna Stone Embellished Chain Collar 
Tarte LipSurgence in Lively
China Glaze Nail Polish in Sweet Hook 
Hey everyone! It’s been a little while since I posted a styled look. So, I thought I would kick this mid week post off with this killer softly structured Skylar dress by Cameo.  A trend we are seeing a lot of right now are the envelope style fold over/pointed bottom skirts and dresses.  You can find them on most on trend sites at all different price points.
This piece is from Flight Boutique in Park City, Utah.  I try to get up to Flight at least three times a year (I live relatively close, so it’s easy for me) to check out their effortless/boho pieces.  I usually take my sons (9 and 6) with me.  Like usual, they terrorize the place somewhat while I try to shop, and my visit usually gets cut short (so goes motherhood). The good news is that I never leave empty handed! Even with impatient kids around!  I think It’s always a good idea to support your local vendors. Then everyone is happy!
Much love and gratitude to you all.  xo

Photos by Jordyn Willey 

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Australian Fashion Week Street Style 2014

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As I prepare for New York Fashion Week Spring 2015 (yay), I can’t help but reflect on how inspiring street style at these events can be.  Style is a way to express who you are without saying a word.  Then when you do open your mouth, it makes you that much more interesting…..a sexy combo if you ask me.  The cool thing about fashion, is that there really aren’t too many rules.  As far as I’m concerned, fashion is opinion and in the eye of the beholder.  Besides a few seasonal guidelines, you are free to express yourself as you please.  How liberating!

I love the free spirited vibe you can feel from these Australian fashion week street style 2014 photos.  According to The Color Code book by Doctor Taylor Hartman,  Australia is a yellow colored country….like myself (except I’m a person not a country).  Characteristics of a yellow personality are…spontaneous, fun loving and enthusiastic (there are some negative traits as well).  I love seeing these traits come out in the street style photos.  Fashion allows one who may or may not normally be heard to feel like an individual who has a voice.

Be brave, be you and wear what makes you feel like a rockstar.  xo